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Say "Yes" to God Even 
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Vicki Thompson's pastor in Texas visited North Pole, Alaska, in 1982 on a Mission trip.  When he got back home, he told everyone how cold it was and that he would never want to live there.  Vicki told him he should not say "never" because God might be calling him there.  He turned to her and said, "No, He is calling YOU to North Pole!"  Ten years later, Judy Rice asked Vicki, a photojournalist, to tour the state and take photos for the State Missions offering emphasis.  Vicki visited North Pole on that trip and she indeed felt God calling her to Alaska.  She applied to Mission Service Corps (MSC), and by August 1993 she was in North Pole serving as Church Strengthener at First Baptist Church.

When asked what she does, she says, "Whatever the pastor needs don!"  Currently she works with the Food Pantry Ministry and the Kitchen Ministry, serves the needy at Christmas, helps unwed mothers, encourages women in their various areas of ministry, and is chairman of the 50th Anniversary committee.

The MSC description for the position of Church Strengthener is:


To strengthen the existing programs and ministries of the church


To develop new ministries and programs designed to reach the targeted, un-churched community as designated by the  church.

Vicki Thompson seems to personify this description.  Johnny McCoy, Pastor at First Baptist Church in North Pole, Alaska, says she is able and willing to do whatever is asked of her.  "She has a servant's spirit and is my right arm."  This August Vicki will have served in this position for ten years.  

God bless you, Vicki, for saying "yes" to God before he filled in the details!

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