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Our church is involved in many areas of ministry.  Though our interests and callings vary, we are united in our mission which, as mandated by scripture is to evangelize the lost, equip the saints and exalt the Savior so that we may reach the community and world for Christ.

Perhaps our most vital and important ministry is the Welcome Team.  This team is made up of those individuals who meet you at the door and shake your hand, while asking your name.  Much more often than not, they actually remember who you are as you leave after services, shaking your hand again, and asking you back again for a future visit.  Also, this team consists of the Ushers, who offer you a place to sit and direct you to the Sunday School class that best meets your most pressing need.  First impressions are important.  This article talks about the Welcome Team, and what it means to the church about which it was written.  Our prayer is that at First Baptist Church of North Pole, we welcome you home with the same Christian love and fellowship.  We invite you to come visit us, and let us know how we're doing.

Please take a few moments to discover what else we have to offer by selecting from the buttons at left.  This area of our website is currently under construction, so not all ministries will have content at this time.  Please visit our What's New page to discover the latest website updates.  

We hope you will enjoy watching this Flash movie about a single event in human history that had the power to split time.

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